Obsidio with headphones, hat, and shoes
Obsidio book with headphones, cap, and shoes

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Did I start to cry while reading this? Yes. Do I start to cry while reading everything? Also, yes. But that doesn’t make the first point less relevant.

Together, separately, I don’t know, but somehow Kaufman and Kristoff create magic, and have for every single book in this series. The characters and relationships are nuanced and frighteningly realistic. Even the machinations of the plot roll forward with startling precision. Despite constant surprises occurring, I have no concerns about plotholes in this book. Everything reads like it could have actually happened, including the battles (which, if you don’t know, is really difficult to do).

This book continued some of the great pairings from the first two books, but the two “protagonists” in this book kind of got shorted on time. The characters still shone, but their dynamic was less meaningful than the writers would have me believe. In addition, all of the protagonists start to end up running together anyway, as they all have the same rebellious and snarky attitude. Asha was actually my favorite by the end, because she felt a little more sensitive to me.

Also…the ending was a little too fairytale for me. Not gonna spoil it, I just felt kind of clickbaited. Doubt that would happen in real life.

Three complaints. That’s all I had people, which should tell you that I love. these. books. I find Aidan fascinating; the voice actors on the audiobooks are superb; I love the formatting of the physical books for the most part. This was the fastest I’ve read a book in a long time. An absolute page-turner. If you can handle some censored language and innuendo, I’d definitely give it a look!