Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

This review contains vague spoilers.

So, been a long time since I’ve read something that marketed itself just as a romance book. But this book was a lot more than that (and a lot less, too) which is why I feel pretty conflicted about it.

When I took it out of the package, my mom asked me if it was a good book, to which I replied, “I literally haven’t started yet.” (Does that happen all of the time to anyone besides me?) But then I picked it up and read the first three pages and decided it was a really good book. Orenstein has such a fantastic tone. The protagonist feels so real and effortless. It’s like chatting with a friend, so much so that I didn’t want to put the book down.

And I also found the immersive look into gymnastics, the good and the bad, so, so interesting. Orenstein managed to express how gymnasts can hate the culture while it’s the only thing they know, and I thought that was so cool.

But…this book was supposed to be a romance, right? And at first I thought the love interest was sweet, but kind of lackluster, without any chemistry. And then in the middle of the conflict, I thought he was WAY too much like all the men I’ve known (shed a tear rip me lol). And then


He just…goes back to being good in the most anticlimactic way?


Since this book is a romance, it ruined the entire climax for me and left the book feeling absolutely empty. Since the author is a relationship columnist, it seemed to me like she just had to write the perfect most-healthy relationship, which stripped the love interest of being human at all in this scenario.

It’s something I’m finding a lot lately in books, but I believe in healthy romances with healthy chemistry nonetheless….and will keep reading until it actually happens to me.

Mr. Darcy wya?